Choosing the right colors for your house paint can be a difficult decision, but there are several ways to help make that choice easier. One of the first things I suggest to our clients is to take a walk or drive around their neighborhood. Do you see any color combinations that catch your eye? You can take a photograph of the house, or walk right up and knock on the door and ask what colors they used. Most people consider it quite a compliment when someone likes their paint colors!

Another resource is your local paint store. Most paint retailers have beautiful, full-color brochures that show a variety of color combinations. There is also someone on staff at most of the stores that would love to “talk colors” with you, bring a photo of your home to give them an idea of its style.

The internet can provide thousands of websites dedicated to painting colors, some will even allow you to load a photo of your house to “test” different color combinations. A word of warning though, remember that colors will appear different on different computer monitors, so be sure to get samples of the actual colors before committing.

If none of these options works for you, you can always hire a professional color consultant to help you navigate through the jungle of colors out there. We have a couple of different color consultants that we can recommend highly, call our office for their contact numbers.

Once you’ve chosen a few possibilities, we will be happy to come out and apply those sample colors for you free of charge so that you can feel confident that you’ve picked the perfect colors for your home!