Preparation is the most important aspect of any painting project; it doesn’t matter how much you spend on paint if the surface you’re applying it to isn’t prepared properly! It is essential that you start with a clean surface, and power-washing or hand-washing will take care of that. Every project requires a different method of preparation, some surfaces need de-glossing of old varnish or paint, some need sanding to ensure the new paint will adhere properly. A primer coat is often required, as is caulking, filling holes, and repairing siding damage prior to painting.

Your painting contractor should describe the methods and products he/she will use to prepare your home for painting. One thing to be aware of, if your home contains lead-based paint, it should NOT be sanded! Sanding sends lead dust scattering through the air and is a health hazard to your family, property, and neighbors. Be wary of any contractor who suggests sanding your lead-base paint!

At Weinmann Painting, we recognize the importance of preparing your home to receive the new paint. We will utilize the best methods and products available to ensure a long-lasting paint job that will protect your home for many years.